Spring flowers in Slovenia, continued

A quickly written blog post with a brief update on nature and our activities in spring in Slovenia … More later, I have to go now, the sun is shining and birds are singing!


Everything happens at once

Winter can be a bit of a slow season. Then, when spring comes, everything happens at once and it can be difficult to decide where to go first! Spring is like a big concert from nature, playing along with many different music sheets and directed by the weather. First come the early spring flowers, including Snowdrop, Hellebore and Crocus. They are in a hurry to finish flowering before the leaves of the trees start to compete for the sun. Then, all at once, the world turns green. Growth is extremely rapid and new flowers appear almost hourly. 

Hibernating butterflies awake, hoverflies start their buzzing courtship flight and migratory birds arrive. Roe deer change colour from grey to orange-brown while their new set of antlers matures. In the rivers, fish spawn and of course there is the evening concert of frogs. At night, owls call: we have Tawny, Ural and Long-eared owls right behind our home. By the time Field Crickets start to sing, I once again realise that summer is near and spring almost over. 


Spring tours

For our tours, we have two main seasons. Spring, for group tours which are planned well in advance. And summer, for private tours, for which our guests contact us any possible moment, but especially during the spring. So spring can be busy and hectic, especially because we want to go out in nature whenever we can manage. At the same time, we are already planning for the year 2019. We will again offer some tours, while others will be different. Together with scientists who work on conservation of Lynx in Slovenia, we will organise a painting tour where artists spend the days in the middle of the forest. Another tour connects nature with local cultural heritage, perhaps including extracting plant oils and other crafts. If you like us to organise a tour especially for you and your friends or colleagues: contact us now so we can include it in our planning!


Other work

While this website focusses on our tours, this is not the only thing we do. We are strongly involved with the conservation of an endemic Bush-Cricket, Zeuneriana marmorata, of which the next generation is hatching right now. We cooperate in the country-wide project on Invasive Alien Species called LIFE Artemis, and we just took part in a freshwater fish survey in Eastern Slovenia.

Meanwhile, this little nature-blog did not go unnoticed and it is now included in the list of 100 best nature-blogs on Feedspot! Thank you, Anuj!


The gallery below includes some more or less random images from Slovenian nature, all taken in the first days of May 2018.




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