Summer in Slovenia, cool one-day tours and preparations for 2019!

Time flies like an owl

We are quite busy organising cool summer day trips! We head into the mountains, hiking in remote natural areas where we meet no other tourists than our guests. There are many butterflies around and we regularly see some pretty rare species. Have you ever heard of the Chequered Blue and the Large Blue? While we didn’t write much about birds (because we don’t want to give you the impression it is easy to find them in summer), we have seen Ural owls on a number of occasions. Time flies like an owl, silently, but rather fast and before you know, summer will be over … So, if you are in Slovenia and you would like to come with us, book now, as long as there is still time!

There are also some other changes. We have a new cooperation, with an excellent provider of local food. Practically all our recent guests ordered our home-made picknick-lunch and nobody regretted it 🙂 


Great Plans for Great 2019 Tours!

We are already preparing group tours for the spring of 2019. With many new ideas, it promises to become the best year so far for Nature in colour! We update the texts one by one in the coming weeks. Our offer will include: 

We start with the Early Spring Flowers, our 6-day tour which is only possible for two weeks in the year! On 26-31 March, we organise this tour as a group tour in connection with our long-term partner agency Inezia Tours from the Netherlands. This is the best time for Hellebores and Snowdrops! On 2-7 April, we can organise a similar tour, with somewhat fewer Snowdrops, but a higher diversity of plant species. If you are interested to participate in this tour, you can already subscribe and be sure of a place – we are in fact the only tour agency who organises this type of tour in Slovenia and possibly the only ones in Central Europe!

After the success of the previous years, we organise a new “general nature tour”, which we now call the Mysteries of the Karst – Slovenia Nature Tour, in which we explore Southern Slovenia. We have included several new areas as well as a strong link to local cultural heritage. Check it out!

We are also working on an alternative version of this tour, which combines the Slovenian coast, the Dinaric inland region and the high Alps. This will become the ideal introduction to European nature for naturalists from Asia and America. Coming soon!

We already have several enquiries for our 2019 Reptile tour which will be held in May 2019! With some new ideas and input from some of our guests, we updated the program. Somewhat inspired by the Russian cartoon-heroine, we named the new program ” Slovenian Reptiles and the Bear“, and we dare to say that it is among the best European amphibian and reptile tours which are currently offered. 

For nature photographers and people who like to see many species, we are preparing a new Butterflies and Flowers tour – more about this soon. 

* edit 20.08.2018: the butterflies and flowers tour description is online

In cooperation with the UK-based agency Just Boarded, we offer Hiking Trips to places which you weren’t looking for, and since others aren’t looking for these places either, we often don’t meet any other tourists all day!

And, already online for some time, is our new Art tour called Painting for the Lynx. This is essentially an outdoor painting class, in stunning locations, with an idealistic purpose to contribute to the protection of Slovenia’s largest wild cat; the Lynx. 

In addition to these tours, we are happy to organise custom tours for you privately, for your group of naturalists and for your travel agency. We can offer general nature and wildlife tours, species tours (e.g. butterflies, birds, flowers and even grasshoppers) and tours which combine visits to stunning nature areas with the rich cultural heritage in Slovenia. We can also organise study tours for students and scientists alike. Contact us to discuss your wishes, we are happy to help you and tell what is possible in Slovenia! 

Jana & Paul



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