About the bear-friendly logo, new T-shirts and mugs!

Our Tours, Mugs and T-shirts are bear-friendly!

Last week, our brand new glass mugs and t-shirts got awarded with the bear-friendly logo! Our tours have the same logo for a much longer time. The bear-friendly logo is given to products which support the co-existence of Brown bears and humans in Slovenia. These products are highly diverse, they range from tours and bear-watching excursions to honey and farm products and a variety of craftsmanship and souvenirs. Important is the connection with brown bear conservation, which, of course, takes very different forms for different products. Beekeepers can, for instance, get this logo when they efficiently protect their hives against bears (usually with electric wire), which prevents bears from opening the hives to get to honey and bee-larvae. When there is less damage, this will increase the tolerance to bears in the areas where the beekeepers are active. 

For our tours, the bear-friendly logo comes naturally. At every tour, regardless of the tour theme, we talk about bears. After all, we are in the brown bear area, where we regularly see bear footprints and faeces, as well as the occasional bear, and there is hardly a naturalist who isn’t curious about them. So, we tell about our personal experiences and quite regular meetings with bears, about bear biology and management of the Slovenian bear population. Of course, we also inform our guests how to behave in bear areas (you can also find this information on the website of project LIFE Dinalp Bear ). 


When you like bears, show it with our bear-friendly T-shirts!

Our souvenirs are also clearly bear-related: we have a new series of mugs and T-shirts with motives of Brown bears! With these products, we give a small booklet with information about bears in Slovenia. And, of course, anyone who wears our T-shirt with a large bear-picture clearly shows that he or she likes bears! We also got the logo for products with pictures of other Slovenian carnivores (T-shirts with a picture of a Lynx and mugs with a Lynx and soon also a Wolf-picture), because opinions about and measures for all three carnivores have much in common. 


The Bear-friendly market in Ljubljana

Yesterday (18.09.2018) was the first ever bear-friendly market as a part of the 26th International bear conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This was a unique opportunity to show all the products which have this logo. There was honey as well as bear-souvenirs made of a variety of materials, tours and day trips and a variety of farm products and our mugs and shirts. We got quite some interest in our mugs and shirts, but for anyone who missed this event, it is also possible to buy these directly from us. Just send us a message and we’ll tell you how. 


Companies with whom we cooperate for our products

Our products are made in cooperation with the following companies and are, for now, only sold by us:

Glass factory Hrastnik 1860  A local, Slovenian factory with high-quality glass products, a high environmental standard and very friendly people: they produce the glass mugs with our illustrations.

Stanley/Stella a fashion company from Belgium. The European climate is unsuitable for growing cotton, so our shirts are not produced close-by. We chose this company for the high-quality organic cotton shirts, as well as their “fair-wear” policy which looks after the working conditions of the employees in their factories.

Printing firm Rogač A local, Slovenian firm which is specialized in high-quality prints on textile, fantastic cooperation and professional prints. 

The designs are drawn by Paul Veenvliet, who is also tour organiser and tour guide at Nature in colour. With our products, you get a small information brochure which is written by Jana and Paul. 

We sell our products (except tours 🙂 ) in natural (“kraft”) boxes and avoid plastic packaging. 



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