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Why Slovenia should be your next holiday destination

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Did you know that:

Slovenia has an exceptionally rich nature, with influences from the Alps, the Pannonian plain, the Dinaric mountain range, the Mediterranean sea and the North Italian plain. You can see all of this on day trips, based at single accommodation.

Slovenia has a seasonal climate, with different highlights throughout the year. At the end of March, there is a spectacular flush of early spring flowers. Many migratory birds arrive in April, and the end of April until the first half of June is generally best for birdwatching. The vegetation is at its best in May and June, this is also when you see most butterflies. Summer is pleasantly warm, and there are still many butterflies and flowers. Also, rivers warm up and in some places, you can go swimming in natural waters. The end of September is again spectacular, with autumn colours in the forest. In December-February there can be lots of snow and while many people use the opportunity for winter sports, we can follow the tracks of mammals in the forest.

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world. We have clean air and water. Many mountain streams have drinkable water and lowland streams are often clear enough that you can watch fishes from a bridge.

Slovenia is a land of caves, with over 13.000 already registered caves. Every year, many new caves are discovered. In each region, several caves are open for visitors. Some of these are touristic, others are hardly known and entirely natural.

Slovenia is home to all large carnivores from central Europe. We have a healthy population of Brown Bears, which we often see during our tours. We sometimes find tracks of the other species, which are shyer and less numerous: wolf, lynx and jackall all live here.

Slovenia is a very forested country: about 60% of the land is covered with trees. These forests are very natural, with a rich flora and fauna. Within these vast forest areas, there are smaller reserves which have true primaeval forest, where no tree has ever been cut.

Slovenia has many mountains. Best known are the Julian Alps in the northwest but also in other parts of the country there are attractive places to go hiking. Here, we usually meet few other people.

So, in short, Slovenia is an ideal country for naturalists to discover Nature in Europe! When will we meet you here?

Written by Paul on 28.11.2018