Stories, inspired by nature
A dog in Taiwan

A dog in Taiwan

In November 2018, I visited the Asian Bird Fair in Chiayi, Taiwan. Afterwards, I spend two days in the mountains near Fenqihu, which is a small town along the Forest Railroad to Alishan. One of these days, I met a lovely local dog. Here is the story of that day:
Asian Bird Fair Jingshan

Asian Bird Fair in Jingshan, China, 2016 – looking back

The Asian Bird Fair is an annual meeting where Bird- and Nature conservation organisations, as well as organisers of ecotours, meet. Starting in 2010, it is held in a different place each year. The event has steadily gained in interest and now hosts representatives of 29 counties and 40 organisations. European organisations, and actually also Europeans are a small minority.
The big bad wolves by Paul Veenvliet

Little red riding hood and the big, not so bad wolf

Our little son (age four) asked if I could read Little red riding hood as a bedtime story. So I did, but halfway, the story got a little twist. This is what happens when a biologist tells a fairytale …

About the bear-friendly logo, new T-shirts and mugs!

Last week, our brand new glass mugs and t-shirts got awarded with the bear-friendly logo! Our tours already have the same logo for a much longer time. The bear-friendly logo is given to products which support the co-existence of Brown bears and humans in Slovenia.
Forest in the Javorniki mountain ridge in Slovenia

Javorniki Sunset, and a primaeval forest impression

After seeing several unremarkable forest reserves, I came to this place. Hidden in the Javorniki mountain range is a patch of forest which really differs.
Meadow with Cypress Spurge - Euphorbia cyparissia

Spring flowers in Slovenia, continued

A quickly written blog post with a brief update on nature and our activities in spring in Slovenia … More later, I have to go now, the sun is shining and birds are singing!  
Dark hellebore, Helleburus atrorubens

The darkest flower of all …

Spring flowers do their best to stand out against the dark forest floor. They have brilliantly bright colours, a true pleasure for the eye and an eye-catcher for early spring insects. But among them, there is one which is not bright coloured at all. Perhaps because of its unique dark violet-black colour, Helleborus atrorubens is one of the most incredible of all spring flowers!
Primrose in Slovenia

More Spring Flowers

In inner Carniola, nowadays known as the Notranjska region in Slovenia, it is still winter. Closer to the coast, however, spring advances. There, Snowdrops and Crocuses are already at the end of flowering. Time to go back and see what happens next, and to briefly escape winter at the same time. So, here is a blog post with More Spring Flowers!
Iberolacerta horvathi, Horvaths' Rock Lizard

The lizard which I met twice

I have always been interested in animals which others tend to overlook. Brown, small, and hard to find: I love them. This is a true story about a lizard which is indeed brown, small and hard to find, and how I found not just one, but an entire undiscovered population of them. Well, that still means just a handful of individuals …
Our guest enjoying a Slovenian nature area.

Nature Conservation Philosophy

What is the role of nature conservation, and why is it inherently conflicting with interests of individual people? A little bit of philosophy explaining why we need nature conservation and what it should be doing. 
Pure-bred and cross-bred Jezerska-Solčava sheep in Slovenia

An Animal Breeders Soul

Many animal keepers and farmers are “animal raisers”: they buy animals, perhaps breed them for a generation and are happy with it. Not me, because I have an Animal Breeders Soul. I am in love with lineages. Not breeds, but line-bred animals, selected to my own standards. A few brief moments in life, I had a chance to do this …
Wild Spring Crocus in Slovenia

Notes on Crocus in Slovenia

In early spring, long before most other plants start to grow, Crocus lend colour to the meadows of Slovenia.
A beautiful meadow in Slovenia, ful of flowers!

The colours of a meadow

Grassland is hardly a natural state of Slovenian nature, but meadows are vitally important for the Slovenian biodiversity. Also, don’t underestimate its importance for tourism …

Notes on Helleborus in Slovenia

Sometimes, when you start to look more closely at a plant, you realise that you understand it less and less well … This is the case with the genus Helleborus in Slovenia.
A salamander in its natural habitat.

Something about our vision

We love Slovenian nature areas and we love it when we see how others enjoy the places which we love . In our vision, our tours should not support nature conservation.
Slovenian bear

The Bear Dilemma

Tourists have a high probability to see a brown bear from designated hides, to which bears are attracted by food. But, does this help to protect bears or not?
Poplar Admiral butterfly blog post

The unexpected butterfly

While we got into our van, I noticed a big, dark butterfly sailing from the treetops towards the forest edge. This became the highlight of our Butterfly Tour!

Poor drainage

The answer to high water levels is, again and again, to dig more drainage channels. These, however, actually cause floods and drain the higher land of it’s most needed life-fluid.

Stuck inside the border

Slovenia is a small country, so you are always near one border or another. Mostly, you can just drive through, but one day …

Curious about mudminnows

Some people feel good when they are exercising, some others while they play music. For me, it has much to do with being curious about some animal or plant. Like this time, when I was curious about little fish called mudminnows.