Stories, inspired by nature
Wild Spring Crocus in Slovenia

Notes on Crocus in Slovenia

In early spring, long before most other plants start to grow, Crocus lend colour to the meadows of Slovenia.
A beautiful meadow in Slovenia, ful of flowers!

The colours of a meadow

Grassland is hardly a natural state of Slovenian nature, but meadows are vitally important for the Slovenian biodiversity. Also, don’t underestimate its importance for tourism …
the Plum Mountain, Slivnica, in Slovenia

The Plum Mountain – Slivnica

From Mount Slivnica in Slovenia, you have the best view over the famous Lake Cerknica, but beware of the witches!
Mount Nanos in Slovenia

Mount Nanos

Mount Nanos in southern Slovenia is a mighty piece of rock which, for many centuries, forces travellers to take a detour.
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