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Brown Bear

The Bear Dilemma

The Bear Dilemma After a short drive through the forest, the car stopped. Our companion; a local hunter and bear expert, signaled us that we should be as silent as possible. He pointed to the middle of the gravel road: put your feet there and you walk more silently. We went almost tip-toeing towards a small clearing. With a… READ MORE


Poor drainage

That’s what a group of professional foresters once commented when they were seeing a flooded alder forest for the first time. Poor drainage, that’s what a farmer commented when his cornfield was under water. Poor drainage, that’s what the villagers thought when they had to pump water out of their cellars again. And the answer… READ MORE

Austropotamobius pallipes

Stuck inside the border

In Slovenia, you are always near a border. The country is small, but what’s more, borders have shifted over what’s now Slovenia’s territory throughout time. Holiday goers drive through Slovenia because it is the fastest connection between central Europe and the sea. Did you know that this was known already in the Roman times? Countless… READ MORE

Umbra krameri

Curious about mudminnows

Some people feel most alive when they are exercising, some others while they play music. For me, being alive has much to do with being curious about some animal or plant. Many of my most vivid memories are connected with this curiosity. Like this one, when I was curious about a little fish. It started with a small… READ MORE