Stories, inspired by nature
A salamander in its natural habitat.

Something about our vision

We love nature and we love it when we see how others enjoy the places which we love  But our tours don’t end there …

The bear dilemma

Tourists have a good chance to see brown bears from designated hides, to which bears are attracted by food. But does this help to protect bears or not?

The unexpected butterfly

While we got into our van, I noticed a big, dark butterfly sailing from the treetops towards the forest edge. This turned out to become the highlight of our Butterfly Tour!

Poor drainage

The answer to high water levels is, again and again, to dig more drainage channels. These, however, actually cause floods and drain the higher land of it’s most needed life-fluid.

Stuck inside the border

Slovenia is a small country, so you are always near one border or another. Mostly, you can just drive through, but one day …

Curious about mudminnows

Some people feel good when they are exercising, some others while they play music. For me, it has much to do with being curious about some animal or plant. Like this time,...