Frequently Asked Questions

General info

In each trip description, you will find a detailed description  of our meeting  point,  google map and GPS coordinates. In case you need some further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have difficulties finding us just before the start of the trip, call us to +386 41 902 110.

In case you have any questions or you experience problems with our booking system, please contact us through email info@natureincolour.eu or call us to +386 41 902 110.

Please note that smoking is not allowed during large part of our nature trips. Most of our guests are non-smokers and appreciate the fresh air. If you wish to smoke during the trip, you can do so during break time, but we ask you to stay well away from the other participants.

About Nature Trips

A nature trip is a special guided excursion to natural areas with the main aim to observe and enjoy nature. During the trip, we walk at an easy pace and often stop to observe and photograph plants and animals. Please be aware that these are not hiking trips where we would rush from one hilltop to another.

At our day trips, we take you to some of the nicest areas in the Green Karst. However, it is not possible to predict with certainty which species we are going to see, this especially holds for animals. The presence of species also varies with a season and some are not possible to find in certain parts of the year. We do not accept and liability claims for not seeing a certain species depicted on photos at tours or mentioned in the text.

Can You Show … 

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the easiest mammals to see in Slovenia is the Brown Bear. Please see below for more information about this. 


We see Roe Deer daily, and often also Foxes. The best chance for these two is in the evening and early morning, but quite often we see them in broad daylight as well. 


Red Deer and Wild Boar are common in Southern Slovenia and it is easy to find their tracks. Both are shy and come out in the open well after dark. We sometimes see them when we are driving home close to midnight, but it is rare that we get good views of them in the daytime. At several occasions we were lucky and we saw Red Deer during our tours and daytrips. 


In the mountains, we may be lucky and encounter Chamois, mostly in early morning. 


Smaller mammals are abundant and we have a good chance to see Red Squirrels (which are mostly black here). In the evening we may see Martens, Hedgehogs, Badgers and Hares, mostly while we are driving driving after dark.


Wolf (population about 50) and Lynx (population 10-15) are very rare in Slovenia and the chance to see either is extremely small. We occasionally find their tracks (footprints and faeces) during our tours. Jackall is increasing, but remains very difficult to see. 

Southern Slovenia has one of the highest densities of brown bears in the world. We regularly see tracks and traces like footprints, broken branches and faeces of bears. However, Slovenian bears are very shy and the chance to see them is generally small. The best way to see them is to wait for bears in an observation post at a feeding place. In Slovenia, only hunters have a concession to maintain such feeding places. In cooperation with some of these hunters, we can offer bear-watching. Based on our experience, we estimate the chance to see a bear at about 70% during an evening of bear-watching. 


For more information about Bear watching see my blog here: The Bear Dilemma

Sure. The best months for birdwatching in Slovenia are April and May, and then again in September. June is reasonable, in July and August birds are moulting (changing feathers) which means that they are silent and more difficult to see. On a one-week tour in springtime, we expect to see and hear around 100 species of birds. On our tours and one-day trips we can take our telescope along. 


Generally, the best birdwatching places are wetlands, where you can expect to see ducks, herons, gulls, terns and various waders throughout the year. Some areas are also good for White and Black Stork, as well as Yellow Wagtail, Whinchat and Corncrake.


In the Slovenian forests, there are many owl species which we can hear almost any evening in late winter and early spring. In general, they are difficult to see. 


There are many ochards and extensive meadows in Slovenia, which are excellent places to see Red-Backed Shrike, Fieldfare and various warblers. 


Rocky places in the hills and mountains can offer good views of Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Trush, red Rumped Swallow and various birds of prey. 


At many streams Grey Wagtail, Dipper and Kingfisher can be found. 


In the forests, various woodpeckers are abundant, but easier heard than seen. These include Black, Grey-headed, Green, Large Spotted and Middle Spotted woodpecker. 

As a trained herpetologist, I should say “yes”. In general, lizards are easy to find and show, snakes are more difficult. 


In much of Slovenia, Wall Lizards are common. Sand Lizard, Viviparous Lizard, Dalmatian Wall Lizard Italian Wall Lizard, Green Lizards and Dalmatian Algyroides can be found reliably when the weather is right, but these species occur in different parts of the country so we can’t show all on the same day. Horvaths’ Rock Lizard can be more tricky, as it’s populations are often small and they are active for only a short part of the day.


Grass Snakes and Tesselated  Snakes are the easiest snakes to see. Smooth Snakes are not rare, but require some luck and are unpredictable. For Vipers, we can ask a friend who is viper specialist to join us in the field, which will greatly increase our chances (but which may also increase our price). 


Marsh Terrapins are nowadays very rare, and generally not a species which we like to show, although we know where to find them. We prefer not to disturb this species without good reasons. We can (unfortunately) easily show American Red-eared Sliders.

The Olm is a specialised cave-living salamander and Slovenia’s most sought-after amphibian. It spends all it’s life in underground streams, in caves. Most of the places where Olms occur are inaccessible, or only accessible for experienced cavers with a special license. 


The easiest place to see the Olm, is the Postojna cave, where several Olms are kept in a large aquarium. We feel that you can easily go to this cave yourself and do not include it in any of our programs. 


We can take you to a cave where you can see Olms in nature. This is possible either as a shorter excursion (one hour in the cave, with a chance to see a few Olms), which is not demanding. The better option is to go on a 4-5 hour cave-trip, which is more demanding (some climbing, long duration), during which we have a possibility to see many Olms, but this depends on the undergrund water level and is not always possible. Buth these excursions are subject to availability and have to be booked long in advance. 

Sure we can! With over 180 species, Slovenia has a rich butterfly fauna. We can take you to some of the best butterfly habitats. In the best season (May, June), it is possible to see up to 40-50 butterfly species in a single day!

Yes, in Slovenia there are about 3000 species of flowering plants. In many places there are still well preserved, extensive meadows which are full of flowers. Mountain tops and dry karst areas are also good places to see a highly diverse flora. Generally, the best season is April in the coastal area, May for extensive meadows in Central Slovenia and June for montane habitats, but some species flower later in the year. March is good for the earliest species including Snowbell, Crocus and Helleborine. 

Slovenia is over 60% covered with forests, so, sure we can! Of special interest ate primeaval (virgin) forests which can be found on some steep slopes and in the area around Kočevje. Primeaval forests are entirely natural, never cut down. they differ from other Slovenian forests especially because there are many dead and dying trees, besides young and mature trees, which show that the cycle of tree-life is unbroken. For visiting some of these unique places, we sometimes ask the help of additional local specialists, who know these areas best. 


Slovenian forests are beautiful in any season. We highly recomend visiting them in May, when everything is freshly green, and in late September/early October, when the leaves turn brilliantly yellow, ochre and brown in fall. 

How Should I Prepare Myself?

We recommend you to wear comfortable hiking shoes. It is a good idea to have a set of spare clothes and shoes in the car, in case you get wet because of dew or occasional showers. Please don’t wear hiking sandals. We occasionally take paths over meadows which can be covered with sharp grasses and sedges. For the same reason we recommend you to wear long (and not short) trousers.

Furthermore, you should bring along a bottle of water, sun block and sun hatInsect repellent might especially be useful on the night excursion (Sounds of the night). We recommend you to take along the photo camera and, if you have, some identification books.

The guide will provide everything needed for the snack and, if included in the trip, organise the lunch. You will be able to lend a small sitting pad for use during breaks if the grass is wet in spring or fall.

The guide will also have binoculars and, and for some trips, a telescope. For the night trip, the guide will bring along several flashlights and a bat detector.

Weather is always the unpredictable factor. In a case of only light rain, we will take the trip according to the schedule, but make sure to take bring along an umbrella and/or raincoat. However, the trip will be cancelled in case if heavy rain or continuous storms are forecasted.  You will be informed about the cancellation 24 for hours before the trip by email and SMS, to the address mobile phone number which was provided at booking.

Who can come?

Our trips are moderately difficult. We walk at an easy pace, but you should still have at least an average fitness. The difficulty of the trip is described at each trip under the tab “Difficulty”, where we also provide an approximate walking distance. We take relatively easy paths, but still sometimes walk on uneven ground.

Be aware that sun radiation can be quite intense in summer, so make sure that you bring a sun hat, sunblock, and half to one litre of water per participant.

Children from 7 years of age onwards are welcome to join us on our trips because we believe it is important to nurture their inborn interest in nature. We are parents ourselves, and we don’t easily get tired of many questions.

However, we ask parents to judge if children have the ability to walk distance of the trip and accommodate to the group setting. Be aware that the evening trip (Sounds of the night) only ends at around 10pm, which may be past the bedtime for some children.

Please note that booking for children is only allowed when at the same time booking for at least one adult, which then acts as their guardian.

If you are spending holidays in Slovenia with your dog, it can sometimes be difficult to go on sightseeing trips. Therefore, our policy is to allow dogs on our trips at no additional costs. However, dogs should be on a leash during the whole trip and not disturb other participants and wildlife.

Other pets are not allowed on the trip.


Yes, during the trip you are covered by the accident insurance. The insurance is included in the price of the trip and covers accidents which happen during our tours. This is why you should provide full names and last names of all participants at booking. However, in order to make a valid claim, you should inform the guide of any issues by the end of the trip. Later claims will not be taken into account. Please contact us in case you would like to receive the full Terms and Conditions of our accident insurance by email.

Before going on holidays we advise you to arrange your own health and travel insurance.

Payment and cancellation

We advise you to pay through our online payment system, when you are booking the trip. For one-day trips you can also pay in cash during the trip.


For several-day tours we can only accept payment in advance, the preferred way of paying is a direct bank transfer. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card through our online payment system, please contact us to make arrangements for this option. 

When you book for more participants at the same time, group discounts are automatically applied at checkout. The discounts are calculated separately for adults and children in the following categories:

Adults: 2-3 persons 10 % discount, 4-8 persons 20 % discount, 9-16 persons 30 % discount

Children: 2-8 persons 20 % discount, 9-15 persons 30 % discount.

These discounts are not visible from the booking confirmation, but will be clearly stated on the final receipt.

If you wish to change your booking to another trip or/and date, this is possible at no additional costs up to 5 days before the start of your booked trip. Please send us a message containing your wishes to our contact address info@natureincolour.eu and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

If you wish to change the number of participants for the booked trip, this is possible up to 5 days before the start of your booked trip. Please, notify us of our wishes to our contact address info@natureincolour.eu and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. If you want to reduce the number of participants we will refund the part of the costs for those participants, but we have to reduce the group discount, so the refund may be smaller than anticipated. In case the customer wishes to increase the number of participants, please make a separate booking if there are still places available at the desired trip.

Changes of a booked trip less than 5 days before the start of the trip are not possible.

The participant may cancel his/her booking at any stage, provided that this is done in writing to our email info@natureincolour.eu. Please, keep in mind that for each excursion we are making prior arrangements and need to drive to the meeting point. Therefore, last minute cancelations or not showing up for the excursion you have booked is giving us unnecessary costs.

Custom tours

Yes, we usually can, but allow us a few days for the preparation of a program.

This depends on the program, group size and the number of days which you like to include in the program. As an indication, count on about 150 Euro per person per day. This includes transport from and to the airport, all transports and fees during the tour, accommodation, food, guiding and preparation. It does not include costs of a flight, personal expenses and alcoholic drinks.