Last week, our brand new glass mugs and t-shirts got awarded with the bear-friendly logo! Our tours already have the same logo for a much longer time. The bear-friendly logo is given to products which support the co-existence of Brown bears and humans in Slovenia.
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Our guest enjoying a Slovenian nature area.
What is the role of nature conservation, and why is it inherently conflicting with interests of individual people? A little bit of philosophy explaining why we need nature conservation and what it should be doing. 
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A salamander in its natural habitat.
We love Slovenian nature areas and we love it when we see how others enjoy the places which we love . In our vision, our tours should not support nature conservation.
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Slovenian bear
Tourists have a high probability to see a brown bear from designated hides, to which bears are attracted by food. But, does this help to protect bears or not?
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