Multi-day nature tours in Slovenia

We specialise in Ecotourism in Slovenia; in the heart of Europe. Here, we organise multi-day group tours as well as private tours of variable duration.

Our tours provide worry-free wildlife holidays in small groups of 5 – 8 participants. From one or more central accommodations, we take day trips to the nicest nature areas in Slovenia, which we carefully selected to offer you the best wildlife experience. During our tours, we walk at an easy pace and devote our time to observing and photographing plants and animals. In the middle of the day, we find a quiet place in shadow for a picnic lunch and we stay outdoors until the late afternoon.

Institute Symbiosis is a non-profit company, through which we carried out many nature conservation projects. In 2016, we started developing ecotourism, became a licenced tour operator and also obtained a status of a social enterprise. We invest our profits in nature conservation projects and awareness raising activities in the local community.

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Multi-day Group Tours in 2019

Slovenia is one of the best choises to get to know Nature in Europe

Discover European nature in Slovenia

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : April-September, on request
Discover European nature in Slovenia! Our most diverse tour where we visit the Alps, the Dinaric region and the Mediterranean. We go to the mountains, caves and to the sea. Experience why we think that Slovenia is the best place to get to know European nature.
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Early Spring Flowers - Christmas Rose - on our Spring Flower tour with Nature in Colour

Early Spring Flowers in Nature

6 days 5 nights
Availability : 26-31 March 2019 (available) and 2-7 April (reserved)
During our specialized Botanical Tour we go off the beaten track in search of Hellebores, Christmas Rose and other Early Spring Flowers!
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Salamander at our Nature In Colour Tour

Slovenian Reptiles and the Bear

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : 13-20 May 2019
Each day we go out in search of Reptiles and Amphibians in various parts of Slovenia. One evening, we go bear-watching from a hide in the forest! Add a cave-expedition to see the rare Olm, the European Cave- salamander and you get the ideal tour for lovers of amphibians and reptiles …
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Slovenian landscape, which we visit on our Nature Tour

The Mysteries of the Karst – Slovenia Nature Tour

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : 21-28 May 2019 through Inezia Tours (NL) and 2-9 June 2019 through Greentours (UK)
The tour which focusses on the Diversity of Slovenia, with breathtaking landscapes, flower-rich meadows full of butterflies and a possibility to see Brown Bears!
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Art Tour - Protecting Slovenian Lynx

Painting for the Lynx – Art Holiday in Nature

8 days 7 nights
Availability : 10-17 July 2019
Join our Art Tour designed to inspire you. Every day, we will be painting in the midst of the pristine nature, together with our mentor, professional painter Karmen Bajec. During our guided walks in nature, we will discover stunning locations of Slovenian forest, the Living area of Lynx. We will learn about Europe's largest wild cat and its fight for survival while practising our Art Skills.
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Flowers and Butterflies in Slovenia Tour

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : 29 June - 6 July 2019
Sunny, beautiful landscapes, lots of time to take pictures, excellent local food and of course many species of Flowers and Butterflies are the ingredients for this relaxed nature tour in Slovenia!
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Impression from a 5-days iking tour in Slovenia, which we organised in 2018.

Hiking, Orchids, Butterflies, Reptiles: custom nature tours

Availability : On request
We offer a range of custom nature tours in Slovenia. This way, you make the most of your time in Slovenia! Birdwatching, Butterflies, Botany, Hiking or a combination of these ...
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Slovenia Wildlife Break – a long weekend in nature

4 Days 3 Nights
Availability : May-September, on request
Would you like a quick getaway from the city or a natural addition to your holidays: then our four-day Slovenia Wildlife Break is the tour program for you. We visit some of the best nature areas in southern Slovenia, sleep in a local accommodation where you'll not be disturbed by traffic noise and eat delicious locally produced food.
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