Custom Nature Excursions

Custom Nature Excursions in Slovenia

Primula carniolica

If you rather visit nature areas alone, or with your family or friends, we can offer you several programmes of custom nature excursions. Some excursions take a whole day and others only half-day.

We can offer you:  

1. Trips over the same routes as the scheduled nature excursions, but only for your group and on any day. 

2. Private trips to other nature areas. Below you can see two examples of custom nature excursions, but if you have any specific wishes, we can prepare a special programme for you.

3. Private excursions to see certain species. Maybe you would like to see an endemic or rare species, which would be difficult to see in other parts of Europe? Please, contact us and describe which species you would like to see and in which period you are planning to visit in Slovenia. We will let you know if it is possible to arrange such an excursion.

How do you make a booking?

As these excursions are custom made, you can not book them through the on-line booking system. Please contact us at least 10 days before your wish to go for a trip so that we can prepare the programme and arrange the guide.

Example Custom Nature Excursions in 2017

Custom nature excursion Volovja-reber

Scenic Mountain Meadows

Mountain Ridge »Volovja reber« under the Mt Snežnik in Southern Slovenia is a place to see for any nature enthousiat. Less than a 2-hour drive from the capital of Ljubljana and you will be standing on these beautiful mountain meadows with numerous plants, butterflies and birds. This is a custom nature excursion. Contact us for possible dates. > READ MORE

Valley Which Once Was a Cave

Slovene Karst is full of natural attractions, but the valley of Rakov Škocjan is a place you definitely should see. The two natural stone bridges are the only remnants of the cave ceiling which thousands of years collapsed and exposed the stream to the surface. This is a custom nature excursion. Contact us for possible dates. > READ MORE

Custom nature excursion Rakov Skocjan