Scheduled nature excursions

Join us on scheduled nature excursions to experience wildlife

Scheduled nature excursions

Slovenia has it all: the diversity, silence, and beauty of nature. You don’t need to go far of the beaten tracks to find it. Why not join a local naturalist guide on a walk through nature? On our one or half-day scheduled nature excursions, we take you to the best nature areas in Central Slovenia. We go in small groups so we can adapt our speed to your wishes. Would you like to go hiking, or rather spend time photographing flowers and butterflies? Would you like to try birdwatching at dawn, or listen to the magical sounds of insects and nightingales after dark? Why not book a nature excursion with us?

In 2017, we again offer three scheduled excursions, which are available from June until September.

How to make a booking?

For scheduled nature excursions pre-booking is required at least one day before the start of the excursion through our on-line booking system. You will pay for the excursion on the spot. We only accept cash!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. If you can not make it to any of the scheduled excursions but would like to visit nature area with one of our guides, contact us and we will prepare a special programme for a custom nature excursion for you. 


Which scheduled nature excursions do we offer in 2017?

Scheduled nature excursion Bloke Plateau

Along the Meandering Stream

Take a day to visit one of the most beautiful streams in Slovenia, which is only an hour drive from Ljubljana. With its slow current the stream is forming countless meanders and wet meadows along flourish in life. Numerous butterflies, wild orchids, carnivorous plants and beautiful scenery. Running every Wednesday. Lunch included. > READ MORE

Animals at Night

Evening in nature is always special. Day-active animals search resting place but for the night-active animals, the peak of the day is about to start. Lake Cerknica, a seasonal lake just an hour drive from Ljubljana, is a perfect place to observe sun setting behind the mountains and listen to the chorus of birds and frogs. Running every Thursday. Light snack included. > READ MORE

Scheduled nature excursion Lake Cerknica, Slovenia
Scheduled nature excursion Lake Cerknica

The Disappearing Lake

Lake Cerknica is a seasonal lake, changing in shape and colours every day. On this special afternoon nature excursion, we will visit the springs of the lake. We will cross picturesque meadows and walk along the forest edge to a hidden, quiet valley, where water emerges from the underground caves. Running every Friday afternoon. Light snack included. > READ MORE