Visiting Slovenia

Travel tips and area descriptions

Why Slovenia should be your next holiday destination

Slovenia has an exceptionally rich nature, with influences from the Alps, the Pannonian plain, the Dinaric mountain range, the Mediterranean sea and the North Italian plain. You can see all...
Under your feet, there are eleven thousand caves in Slovenia!

Travel information: caves in Slovenia

Slovenia has a beautiful and attractive landscape, with mountains, lakes and rivers. But do you know about the other world, which is right below your feet? In Slovenia, there are...

Travel information: The Dangers of the Forest

Bears and Wolves are shy and avoid human contact whenever they can, so what are the real dangers of the forest in Slovenia?
Slovenian Primaeval forest

Primaeval forest in Slovenia: how does it look?

Primaeval forest once covered most of Europe. This is the ultimate landscape without humans. Do nothing, and, after a succession of different vegetation types, eventually, an entirely natural forest will grow. Nearly...

Panovec Forest: a spring flower paradise

Close to the city of Nova Gorica, at the Italian border, you find Panovec Forest. Slovenians will consider this a city park, but it is a surprisingly natural area. In...
Shovellers at Škocjan bay in Slovenia

Škocjan bay: a bird-reserve hich was created out of wasteland

Many birds, birdwatching hides, a big birdwatching tower and hot coffee: Škocjan bay in Slovenia has everything a birder wants and more. 
the Plum Mountain, Slivnica, in Slovenia

Slivnica: the Plum Mountain

From Mount Slivnica in Slovenia, you have the best view over the famous Lake Cerknica, but beware of the witches!
Mount Nanos in Slovenia

Mount Nanos: a mighty piece of rock 

For many centuries, mount Nanos forces travellers to take a detour. You might well have driven around it, but have you seen the view from the top?
Rakov Škocjan in Slovenia

Rakov Škocjan: a spectacular Karst Phenomenon

Close to the highway Ljubljana-Koper you find a beautiful small valley, which used to be a cave before the ceiling collapsed.
Bloke plateau

Bloke plateau: cold is relative

At the Bloke Plateau in Slovenia, winter lasts nine months. The rest of the year, it is just cold.

Lake Cerknica: the place which is, and then it is not

Lake Cerknica is unlike any other lake: here, the water comes and goes. Add the different seasons, weather and light, as well as the traditional use for hay-making, and you...

Javorniki: the Maple Mountain

At Lake Cerknica, when you turn around to the West, you see the great Javorniki Mountain Ridge: The Maple Mountain. For many centuries, the Maple Mountain was a formidable barrier,...