Wildlife holidays

Wildlife Holidays in Slovenia

In Southern Slovenia, we can visit very different areas while we stay at a single accommodation. In the low mountains where we live, we will show you forests, marshland, species rich meadows, dry karstic areas and the mysterious underground world of caves. Wherever we go, we adapt our pace to your wishes: nature photography, hiking and simply enjoying the landscape are all part of our programs.

In 2016, we first organized our nature tours in which we show the diversity of Slovenia and indeed, a representative part of the diversity of central Europe! Your guide on these tours is Paul Veenvliet, a Dutch biologist who is living in Slovenia. He knows the area well and speaks Dutch, English, Slovenian and German.

We specialize in tours for small groups of up to 8 participants. For larger groups, we make sure that additional guides accompany us.


In 2018, we offer specialized nature tours in Slovenia in cooperation with:

Inezia Tours (the Netherlands)

Greentours (United Kingdom)

Alpine Tour Service (Japan)

In 2018, we are independently organising three tours: the Amphibian, Reptile and Fish Study Tour, the Wild Orchid Tour and the Grasshopper Study Tour, which are open for everyone interested and which can be booked directly through us.

A new Grasshopper and Locust study tour is in preparation and will be held 17-24 July 2018! Information on this tour will be uploaded in the coming weeks. 

We can also organize custom tours for you or your group. If you are interested, please contact us through the on-line form. Our advantages are that:

  • we know the region of Southern Slovenia very well;
  • we prepare and guide our own programs;
  • we are both biologists with good field knowledge and we are licenced local guides for the Green Karst region;
  • we can guide in English and Slovenian (Jana and Paul), Dutch and German languages (Paul);
  • we cooperate with local tourism providers and biology experts;
  • as an NGO and a social enterprise, we use profits from our tours to carry out nature conservation and education projects in Slovenia.

Grasshopper Study Tour 2018

First Announcment: With over 165 species, Slovenia has an exceptional diversity of grasshopper, cricket and bush-cricket species. 17-24 July 2018 we will organise a special Grasshopper Study Tour to learn more about these interesting animals. > READ MORE

Wild Orchid Tour 2018

Orchids with their extreme diversity and beauty are fascinating plants to observe. While Europe can not beat the diversity of the tropics, Slovenia is one of the best countries to observe orchids in Europe. In this special Wild Orchid Tour, we visit the best places and show you around 50 species of orchids in a single week. Tour date: 22 – 29 May 2018. > READ MORE

Rana latastei

Amphibian, Reptile and Fish Study Tour 2018

In early spring freshwater habitats are full of life. Amphibians return to their breeding places, and fish are spawning. Life in Streams is a special tour designed for freshwater enthusiasts. We will not only explore animals above ground but also take a tour to cave to see Olm and visit a spring where Black Olm can be observed. Tour date: 10 – 17 May 2018. > READ MORE

Butterfly Tour 2018

50 butterfly species in a single day! To see this, you don’t have to go to the tropics. Instead, join us for this specialised tour in Slovenia. We will visit the best wetland meadows and mountain slopes and explore the diversity of butterflies. Tour date: 26 June – 3 July 2018. READ MORE


Nature in Slovenia Tours 2018

Slovenia is a biodiversity hot spot of Europe. A small country extending over four distinct biogeographical regions will astonish you with the diversity of flora and fauna. We will visit the best natural attractions. This tour is organised in coooperation with Inezia Tours, the Netherlands and Greentours, UK. Tour dates: 2 – 9 June and 14 – 21 June 2018. > READ MORE

Early Spring Flowers Tour 2018

Slovenia is a perfect place to get familiar with the Central European flora. In spring, before new leaves develop on deciduous trees, many smaller plants blossom on the forest floor. This tour is organised in cooperation with Alpine Tour Service, Japan. Tour dates for 2018 will be announced soon. > READ MORE