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6 days 5 nights
Availability : April-October
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 8
Tour Details

Are you travelling to Slovenia or are you already here and would you like to see some of Slovenia’s less known nature areas? In this case, our Short Break Wildlife Tours are made for you! The duration of the trip and the places which we visit depend on your interests. We can also arrange accommodations, food and transport during the trip. All you have to do is to come to an agreed meeting point. This is an ideal way to discover the Colourful Nature of Slovenia without losing time to search for the best spots!



Departure & Return Location

Ljubljana (Brnik) airport or the Ljubljana central trainstation.

Price Includes

  • Accomodation (single supplement applies)
  • Full-board
  • Local transport
  • Transfer Ljubljana airport-accommodation
  • Naturalist guide

Price Excludes

  • Airplane ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Any private expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks


  • Photocamera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Waterproof hiking shoes
  • Tick repellent
What to Expect

We visit a different area each day. Shortly after breakfast, we depart from the accommodation. Slovenia is a small country, so our driving time is limited to 1-2 hours most of the days. At each destination, we stop close to the sites which we intend to visit, to maximise the time we spend in nature. We have lunch in the field (picnic), for this, we take everything we need with us in the van. Dinner is planned around 18.30 h.

Please note that taking any plants from nature is not permitted during this tour. 




    In this example, we present an example of our 6-day custom Short Break Wildlife Tours, based on flight schedules from and to Amsterdam airport. We can, however, arrange custom tours for any number of days.

    Thursday:Arrival to Slovenia

    In our example, the airplane arrives around the middle of the day in Ljubljana airport. This leaves us sufficient time to visit Rakov Skočjan on the way to the accommodation: a spectacular small valley which once was a cave. This cave became every bigger, until eventually, the ceiling collapsed. The river which first formed the cave, then eroded the rocks from the ceiling away, until all what was left of the cave is a lovely valley with a calmly meandering stream in the middle. However, at the ends of the valley the river still flows underground. I this place, we can observe the formation of the valley, which is the perfect introduction to the Karst landscape of Slovenia!

    Friday:Cerknica valley

    This day we stay close to the accommodation, which is situated in the Cerknica valley. The valley is situated in the Slovenian Karst. Rainwater finds its way through the limestone underground of the surrounding low mountains (to 1000 m asl.) and emerges in springs at the edge of the valley. The water then flows through meandering streams to the lowest part of the valley, where it disappears underground in spectacular sinkholes. When the snow melts in spring, and after heavy rain, the streams overflow and much of the valley becomes flooded and forms intermittent Lake Cerknica, which can have a maximum surface area of 30 square kilometres.

    When we visit the area, the lake is most likely dry, and we find extensive wet meadows in the lakebed. The intermittent lake Cerknica is an Important Bird Area as well as a RAMSAR site. It is protected as part of the Notranjska Regional Park.

    Saturday:Bloke Plateau

    We stay close to the accommodation and go to an area with a colder climate. In winter, it is so cold that centuries ago the local people have invented wooden skis to move through the snow. In summer, the climate is mostly pleasant, but the season is clearly behind to what we have experienced so far. Even though we are at an altitude of 750 m asl., we hardly notice this because the landscape is almost flat. At one place, a beautiful small stream meanders through peat meadows and here we can find sundew as well as bladderwort, small carnivorous plants. Away from the stream, the meadows present a gradient from wet to dry habitats and in this area, we will find several rare orchid species including the pure white Transylvanian Orchid (flowering in June).

    Sunday:Javorniki Mountain Range

    the Javorniki mountain range reaches only to about 1000 meter a.s.l., but despite this, it used to be a formidable barrier for travellers. In the end of the 19th century, a network of unpaved roads was constructed on the slopes so that wood from the forest could be exploited. Despite this, the area remains little visited by outsiders even today. Here, we get a first-hand impression of the vast expanse of near-natural forest in Slovenia and we may well encounter the footprints of deer, bear, wolf and the rare European Lynx. In the forest, and especially on some of the mountain tops, we find lovely clearings which are full of flowers and butterflies.

    After several shorter hikes in the mountain range, we visit a small exhibition which is dedicated to the Slovenian karst landscape, where we get an in-depth explanation of Karst phenomena.

    Monday:Mediterranean Day

    In Slovenia, it is possible to visit very different climate zones on a single day. On this day, we drive in the direction of the sea, to the Submediterranean Climate. The markedly drier and hotter climate is reflected in the flora and fauna which we encounter: here we may find Praying Mantis and Ruin Lizards, as well as Bee-eaters, Orioles and Turtle-doves. We smell and taste the rich fragrance of local herbs and have a longer break during the hot midday. Around sunset we may then see large hawkmoths hovering around the flowers.

    Tuesday:Departure Day

    Because the aeroplane from Ljubljana to Amsterdam departs in the early morning, we do not have time for an excursion on the way to the airport in our example tour. This, however, depends on your actual flight time, we are happy to make the most of your custom tours!


    During custom trips, you determine our walking speed and distance! In our example, we expect to walk at most 4 or 5 kilometres each day. However, we will walk off-road and sometimes in wet vegetation or on hard, rocky ground.



    During the tour, we will be staying at the Logar Tourist Farm with whom we cooperate for over 15 years. The farm is located in a small village of Žerovnica, in Southern Slovenia. The accommodation consists of rooms in two authentic village houses and a third, newer building which is made in the local style. Both older buildings are fully restored to accommodate guests. Each of these has two rooms on the lower floor and two rooms on the first floor. Because these rooms are made in old farmhouses, there is a one shared bathroom per two rooms on each floor. The newer building has en-suite facilities. Please indicate what are your wishes so we can divide the rooms accordingly.

    Besides good rooms and quality service, the Logar Tourist Farm offers other advantages:

    • Most of our meals will be based ecological food from the farm (vegetarian is possible)
    • Every morning we will have fresh home-baked bread at breakfast
    • The farm is located in the Cerknica Valley, near the famous Cerknica lake, which is a RAMSAR site and has lovely extensive meadows starting right behind the accommodation
    • The location is central in the region which we will visit, thus reducing driving time

    In our Short Break Wildlife Tours, transport to and from the airport is included.

    During this tour, we will either use a personal car or a van which has eight seats for participants and one for the driver. The tour guide will also be the driver. This gives us a maximum of flexibility: how long we like to stay at each place, is up to us.