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Nature in colour is the name under which Institute Symbiosis organises exclusive wildlife holidays and nature tours in Slovenia. We are a local social enterprise, and a licensed tour operator, dedicated to nature conservation and education. By developing ecotourism, we seek to preserve nature and provide new business opportunities for rural communities. The guides on all our tours are specialised local naturalists, who take you to lesser-known areas and help you explore the diversity of animals and plants of Slovenia.

Why travel with us?

Small groups

To be able to offer the best nature experience, most of our tours are designed for small groups of 8 people or less. With larger groups, a second guide will be present. In the natural environment, we walk quietly and slowly, taking time to observe and photograph landscapes, plants and animals. 

Surrounded by nature

Slovenia is a small country, tucked between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It is this geographic position which gives the country’s flora and fauna a special dimension. Occupying only 0,004 % of the surface of the Earth, Slovenia is populated by 2 % of all land species. 

Expert guides

We specialise in nature guiding, we are biologists by profession and we have dedicated ourselves to nature conservation in Slovenia for more than 15 years. We will not only tell you which species you see, but also curious aspects of their behaviour and their roles in Slovenian folklore. 

Magical Springs of Lake Cerknica

4 hours
Availability : May to October

Wild Flowers along the Bloščica Stream

3 hours
Availability : From May to September
Beautiful demoiselle at our Hike through the Iška gorge in Slovenia.

Hike Through the Iška Gorge

4 hours
Availability : May to October
Join us Into the Forest on our one-day tour in Slovenia

Discover the Vast Dinaric Forest

8 hours
Availability : May to October

Multi-day Group Tours in 2018

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Multi-day Group Tours in 2019

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Early Spring Flowers - Christmas Rose - on our Spring Flower tour with Nature in Colour

Early Spring Flowers in Nature

6 days 5 nights
Availability : 26-31 March 2019 through Inezia Tours (NL) and 2-7 April on request
Art Tour - Protecting Slovenian Lynx

Painting for the Lynx – Art Holiday in Nature

8 days 7 nights
Availability : 10-17 July 2019
Slovenian landscape, which we visit on our Nature Tour

The Mysteries of the Karst – Slovenia Nature Tour

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : 21-28 May 2019 through Inezia Tours (NL) and 2-9 June 2019 through Greentours (UK)

Customer reviews

  • Thanks Paul! The nature excursion was indeed wonderful. The trip will stay fresh in my memory for a long long time. I will upload my pictures in a couple of weeks when I get back home!

    Prachi Chitnis, India
    Custom day trip 2017
  • We’ve had a wonderful day! Thank you so much for all the great things we’ve seen today 👍

    Maurice Oiseaux, the Netherlands
    Custom butterfly trip 2017
  • Alweer ruim twee weken thuis, maar door het uitzoeken van en puzzelen met de foto’s ben ik keer op keer weer terug bij die prachtige acht dagen in dat mooie land. Bij de grote vuurvlinder had ik een verkeerde inschatting: – verwachtte een veel grotere vlinder – maar het was ook het moment dat ik té lang naar de zwarte ooievaar staarde, en het ‘moment suprême’ van waarnemen miste. Tsss… Ik blijf iedereen zeggen dat ik een TOP-vakantie heb beleefd!

    Josee van Oers, the Netherlands
    Butterfly Tour 2017
  • Wij hebben hele mooie week gehad en heel veel mooie plekjes gezien en veel vlinders vogels en zelfs berin met 3 jonkies en hele mooie fotos kunnen maken. Jij deed het goed Paul Veenvliet, wij hebben genoten elke dag weer en goede accomodatie en lieve leuke gastvrouw en lekker eten dus zeer de moeite waard!

    Richard Koopman, the Netherlands
    Nature Tour 2017

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More about us


Nature in colour is the brand under which Institute Symbiosis is running ITS ecotourism business. We are a non-profit company with the status of a social enterprise, which underpins our commitment to work towards broad environmental and social goals. We invest our profits in nature conservation activities.

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bear firendly

In 2017 we received the Bear friendly label. This label was developed within the LIFE DINALP BEAR project, which is working to manage and conserve the brown bear. The Bear friendly label is awarded to practices which contribute to better coexistence between large carnivores (bear, wolf and lynx) and humans. 

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award winning

We started working on our ecotourism programs in 2015. By 2016 we had developed it into a real product and began marketing. In 2017, we were awarded third place in the national Sejalec (“sower”) competition for innovative tourism products and received the title “Finalist of Sejalec”. 

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