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About Slovenia

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why slovenia?

What makes Slovenia a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers? Our answer is that Slovenia has everything: unspoiled nature, spectacular and diverse landscapes and a high diversity of animals and plants.

Slovenia is situated at the meeting point of the Alps, the Dinaric mountains, the Pannonic plain and the Mediterranean bioregions. Here, you find high mountains, countless caves and meadows full of flowers and butterflies. The central location and biodiversity make Slovenia one of the best places to get to know the flora and fauna of Europe, and the ideal travel destination for naturalists. 

Slovenia is a small country with a surface of about 20.000 km; this is comparable to the size of Belgium, Wales, the state of New Jersey and half of the Netherlands. This means that distances are short: from a central accommodation you can reach pretty much any part of the country within two hours of driving. 

For a European country, the number of inhabitants is low: about two million. This equals to 100 inhabitants per square kilometer. Most of these people live concentrated in the lowland and especially in the cities. The capital Ljubljana is the largest city, with 280.000 inhabitants; Maribor comes second with 95.000 inhabitants. The mountains and forests are mostly uninhabited, although you will find scattered hunting lodges and bee-houses there. In Slovenia, it is very easy to get away from crowds: around the corner you will find quiet places where you are all alone. 

Natural forest in Slovenia

safe and clean

Slovenia ranks among the safest countries in Europe. The crime rate is very low – although crime does exist. Once, one of our guests lost her wallet in the centre of Cerknica, a small town. When we called the police, they replied that someone already took it to them. Our guest got it back with all identity papers and money still inside. This is typical, although we do not recommend to test it. 

There is little pollution: with the exception of Ljubljana in winter (when there can be a slight smog because of misty, windless weather), there is fresh mountain air anywhere. Nobody has the idea to wear mouthcaps: outdoor air is considered healthier than the average indoor climate.

Slovenes like to have their country tidy and organised. There are both local and country-wide actions to clean up litter from roadsides. This is a refreshing difference from some other mediterranean countries. 

how to reach Slovenia

Slovenia is situated in the centre of Europe, between Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic sea. The easiest way to reach Slovenia is by airplane to Ljubjana (Brnik) airport. This airport is situated well outside the city: from here you should either continue by bus or a rental car. This is also where we pick up most of our guests of the scheduled tours. 

Alternative airports are in Venice and Zagreb. When you are travelling from a destination in Europe, you can also come by train.

Public transport is well organised between cities. However, it can be a challenge to reach nature areas this way. For naturalists, we highly recommend to rent a car. Alternatively, we can take you to various areas on our tours …