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Our ecotourism vision

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Enjoying nature

When we first saw our home-to-be in southern Slovenia, it was winter and there was one meter of snow. Only several months later, we could see how beautiful the surroundings are. Immediately behind our village, there are meadows full of flowers. In early spring, delicate wild crocus flower and later, the same meadows turn yellow with rattles. In between are many wild orchids, including globe-orchids and the rare elder-flowered orchid. Just a few steps further starts the Dinaric forest. In the evening, we often hear tawny- and ural owls call from the forest edge. In autumn, we can sometimes hear rutting deer fight, right behind our home. These are the experiences which we want to share during our nature tours … 

Early spider orchid in Slovenia

orchids in the olive yard

During our nature tours, we often go to places with special flowers and animals. One day, during our spring flower tour, we went to a small village to see early spider orchids. Just a week before, we had seen many of these rare flowers, in a small olive-yard just beside the village. When we arrived with our group, we noticed that the landowner had pruned his olive trees and dropped many branches directly on the early spider orchids! 

On the edge of the orchard, there were still orchids flowering and we had a great time photographing those. After a while, the landowner came to see what we are doing. When we explained he started to wonder: are those tiny flowers really so special? When we told him that they are, he said that next time, he’d be more careful about where he’d drop the olive-branches. This true story shows how our guests, with their enthusiasm, contribute to the local awareness of special plants and animals. 

The vision behind our tours

Our nature tours in Slovenia are about sharing our passion with you. We love nothing better than to see how our guests enjoy the diverse landscapes, beautiful flowers and interesting animals of Slovenia. We believe that the enthusiasm of our guests can be an eye-opener for local inhabitants, who do not always realise how special their nature is. Our tours also serve as a model of how well-preserved nature can benefit the local economy. This is why we love to cooperate with local providers who contribute with accommodations and locally produced ecological meals, and in many other ways. 

Barnswallows mobbing a sparrowhawk
Barnswallows mobbing a sparrowhawk


Institute Symbiosis and ecotourism

Back in 2003, we established an NGO: Institute Symbiosis, to work on various nature conservation and education projects in Slovenia. It was a small step to the nature tours, which we organise under the brand Nature in colour.  

Through the years, we came to realise that the disconnection of people from nature is one of the biggest threats to nature. Modern life, often bound to cities, offers few opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature. In 2015, we set ourselves on a new mission – to reconnect people with nature. As our goals are tightly linked with nature conservation, we decided to develop ecotourism within our existing NGO and obtained licences to be a tour operator. Since April 2016, we also have the status of a social enterprise, which underpins our commitment to environmental and social goals and well-being of local communities.