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Wildlife Souvenirs

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Our glass mugs are made in the Slovenian Hrastnik Glassworks. At the factory, they engrave Paul’s drawings in the mugs and in this way, they are an entirely Slovenian product. The mugs looks the nicest when you pour in coffee or tea when the etched drawing shines through the glass … They are dishwasher- and microwave safe. 

We are especially proud of our series of mugs with portraits of the three Slovenian carnivores. Each of them has on one side a head of the animal and on the other side the entire animals. 

You order these glass mugs in our Etsy shop called Remember Nature. If you click to any pictures below, it will also take you to our Etsy shop. 



Cotton, from which most T-shirts are made, cannot grow in Slovenia. So we searched for a responsible producer of organic cotton, which ensures that her factory workers have fair working conditions. This is how we decided for the quality shirts from Stanley/Stella. The printing is done in Slovenia, by the specialised company Rogač (by the way. the name of this firm translates as “Staghorn beetle”).

The shirts are available in red (women, girls) and blue (men, boys) colour. Children’s sizes are available from 3 to 14 years. The T-shits are high-quality, durable and comfortable, just like we intended them to be. We are sure that you will like them too! T-shirts are packed in environmentally friendly cardboard box which you can reuse or recycle. 

You can order these T-shirts in our Etsy shop called Remember Nature. If you click to any pictures below, it will also take you to our Etsy shop. 

animal stickers

Drawn after nature: that is how we want our stickers to be. This means highly detailled drawingsof animals in natural postures, when possible on printed in natural sizes. We print these stickers in small numbers in our own office.  

you can order these stickers in our Etsy Shop Remember Nature. If you click to any pictures below, it will also take you to our Etsy shop. 



Increasingly many people choose to spend their holidays in Slovenia. The most important reason for this is the beautiful, unspoilt nature which we enjoy every day. But, most souvenir-shops still have their shelves full of the products which show the cities and cultural monuments. It is however not easy to find nice, authentic wildlife souvenirs.

This is why we decided to make our own souvenirs with motives from Slovenian nature. Like with our tours, we aim for quality rather than the lowest prices. And maybe even more than for other products, we think that nature-souvenirs should be produced in an environmentally-responsible way.


Our wildlife tours in Slovenia got the bear-friendly award!

In 2017 we received the Bear-friendly label for our souvenirs which show pictures of bear, lynx and wolf, in the same way as we received this label for our nature tours! In our vision, when you proudly wear a shirt with a picture of one of these animals, you help to increase the support for their conservation. The same happens when you offer your guests coffee or tea in a bear-, lynx- or wolf-mug!

With these souvenirs, we give a small booklet with information about these species in Slovenia, their ecology and conservation.



All the drawings on our nature-gifts are made by Paul, who is also one of our tour-organisers and guides. Paul is drawing for as long as he remembers. He uses his work also for field guides, book-covers and a variety of educational material. For more examples, check out his website called Paul’s animal drawings.