Evening at Lake Cerknica

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Availability : May to August, on appointment
Min Age : 5+
Max People : 16
Trip Details

This is a custom 4-hour evening wildlife trip. We take you to Lake Cerknica in Southern Slovenia to listen to animals at night and enjoy the starry sky.

We start our walk in the late afternoon and we can observe some flowers and day-active animals. When the sun sets behind the mountains, butterflies and birds settle down in their hiding places to rest. But for some animals, the night is the peak of the day. 

At this night walk, what we hear (and see) depends perhaps even more on the season than at daytime excursions. Spring and early summer are generally the best time for birds like nightingale and corncrake while in late summer and fall grasshoppers and bush crickets determine the atmosphere. A cloudy sky often clears up in the night, but when it stays cloudy it can be quite dark. However, a cloudy night also tends to cool down less and is often best for listening to amphibians and insects.

Our trip begins just past the village of Dolenje Jezero on the edge of Lake Cerknica. We walk on cart tracks over extensive hay-meadows.  For some time, we have still daylight and we enjoy the pleasant evening atmosphere. There are many flowers here including yellow flag and even Siberian irises, Iris sibirica. When the light fades, daytime-birds like buzzards and crows, fly towards their roosts in the forest.

Almost hesitatingly, a frog starts to call. More join in and with some interruptions a whole chorus of frogs rises up from the sides of the stream and some pools in the surroundings. Our guide explains the subtle differences between the calls of marsh and pool frogs as well as the more clearly different sounding treefrogs.

We may very well also see bats, which are flying low above water at night. Especially younger people with excellent hearing can also hear some of their high-pitched calls, but for this excursion, we bring a bat-detector along. This is a special device which translates the calls to sounds audible to us. Altogether, this is a special excursion which will open your eyes and ears to the world of night-active animals. 


Most night-active animals can be heard from May until August. In this period, this trip is available on request from Wednesday through Sunday. Please, send us an enquiry through the form on the right. 

August. In this period, this trip is available on request from Wednesday through Sunday. Please, send us an enquiry through the form on the right. 


Price of this half-day tour is 75 € regardless of the number of people. However, the number of participants on a single excursion should not exceed 16. This way we can offer maximum nature experience to everyone. 


Easy to moderate. In the half-day, we will walk about 4 kilometres at an easy pace. We will follow unpaved roads and also smaller paths. The whole route has almost no difference in height. This tour is suitable for children, however, it is up to parents to judge if they have the ability to walk the distance and stay active late in the evening.  

Meeting point

When you book, we will agree on a meeting point at the Lake Cerknica. Please, keep in mind that late in the evening when the excursion ends, there is no public transport available.  We can, if you like, book an accommodation for you in the vicinity of Lake Cerknica. 

The starting point for this excursion is only 1.10-hour drive from Bled, 50 minutes from Ljubljana and 30 minutes from Postojna Cave.

Price Includes

  • guiding in English, Dutch or German
  • accident insurance during the trip
  • local taxes

Price Excludes

  • transportation costs to the meeting point
  • meals during the trip

Things to take with you

  • Photocamera
  • Binoculars
  • Good walking shoes
  • Long trousers, jacket
  • Spare set of clothes and shoes (to change afterwards)
  • Tick- and mosquito repellent
  • The highlights of this trip are:
  • At the walk, we pay particular attention to animal sounds, but perhaps the best part is actually the silence, as we are away from any traffic and other man-made noise.
  • In spring and early summer, we hear green frogs, tree frogs and on the edge of the forest Yellow-bellied Toads.
  • Spring and early summer are also an excellent time for listening to birds and we hope to hear a nightingale, owls, corncrake, little crake, spotted crake, coot, quail, bittern, sedge warbler and perhaps a nightjar.
  • In late summer and fall amphibians and birds are less frequently heard. Instead, many insects are singing; in the evening we hear large marsh grasshoppers and after nightfall various species of bushcrickets.
  • Throughout the year, mammals may be heard, most often roe deer and dormice, perhaps even jackals.
  • On the way, our guide tells about the life at Lake Cerknica and how the magically appearing and disappearing water influences the life of animals and people.